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Oren Jensen

Professional Adventurer

The oldest of five children, he was raised  on a fifth generation working ranch in north central WA. He has been leading wild adventures since he could walk. Hard to keep out of the woods whether hunting or just checking out new country. Oren made a business out of what he does best, enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. This is his home and he has dedicated himself to finding and maintaining some of the best hunting ground north central Washington has to offer.  If hes not building homes for folks in Pacific Northwest he’s in the outdoors what ever the season may be. He and his wife Tierney have 4 kids and run a construction company as well as Tanglewood Guides. Live it dream it and believe it!

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Todd Jensen

Guide and pro horse trainer

Todd Jensen –
I was raised fifth generation on my family’s ranch (Tanglewood Ranch) in north central Washington. My brothers and I where blessed with the foothills of the cascades as our playground. Spending every free moment exploring and running the diverse landscape. As we grew we never missed a opportunity to tag along on a hunt with our father or grandfathers, developing unforgettable memories, and creating a deep respect and passion for the outdoors and its bounty. These experiences have  led us her, wanting to pass on the adventures and share the    knowledge we have gained.  Any given weekend you will find us out glassing and studying the wildlife we pursue and love to hunt. I currently live in Colfax Washington where my wife and I own and operate a horse training facility I’m Tanglewood Guides, and I’m here to guide you on your next memorable trip.


Jeff Harmon

Skilled Hunter -Guide- outdoor enthusiast

When Oren said it was time for the guides to write bios, I thought “no problem, I get to write about my two favorite subjects, me and hunting”… Just kidding on the talk about me part.  Words can describe the love I have for the outdoors and the pride I take in guiding for Tanlgewood Guides.  To me hunting has always meant more than just getting animal down.  The excitement of the unknown, the tears, laughter, hard work and camaraderie are what’s important to me.  I have a passion for mule deer hunting, that in my girlfriends opinion borders on obsession and possibly an addiction, for all I know she’s probably right. Family, hunting And fishing Are what I’m all about and I’d like nothing more than to share an adventure with you this season.

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