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We blow Phelps any chance we get! Especially in the turkey woods.....dont leave home with out them.

Tanglewood Guides

Durable and Dependable. Comfortable and easy to access binos and range finder with ease in the field. We recommend this product to clients and friends. We are strong believers in this product.

Tanglewood Guides

TightSpot fits tight to your bow and is exceptionally lightweight, which means virtually no torque. And that means shooting accuracy!

Why do so many bowhunters remove their quivers when hunting? Because they shoot better without them! They are willing to give up having their arrows handy for a second shot to ensure accurate shooting. The problem is the design of most quivers. The further a quiver is from the bow, the more torque it creates. Torque affects accuracy, throws your bow’s balance off and makes tuning more difficult, especially with broadheads. TightSpot's patented dovetail design eliminates this problem! Proximity to the bow is only half the equation. The heavier the quiver, the more torque it exerts. TightSpot quivers win here, too! They're exceptionally lightweight, thanks to vibration-absorbing woven carbon rods and a frame machined from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Mnt Ops

Mtn Ops is the leading in outdoor energy & nutrition. Our products will improve your performance to help you Train Inside / Conquer Outside™.

This is a relatively new product we are trying out for our 2017 seasons. So far it has been leading the pack as they say! Please look for upcoming reviews and videos as this year progresses.

Tanglewood Guides

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