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I was brought up in the outdoor lifestyle by my uncle. Who showed me There is more to life than the urbanite life I was in. Little did he know the effect it would have on the rest of my life. 
I love to share my passion for the outdoors with anyone who will listen and even though it cuts into my own success at times. I love helping others with their hunts and love showing others the outdoor lifestyle. 
I feel it is important to show what our public lands have to offer and how we should treat them. 
To show them there is better meat then what you get at a grocery store and it's way more fun.
I hope to instill this belief in my two beautiful daughters, so they can experience what I have and have many outdoor adventures of their own

Nick Venema

My name is Nick Venema and I currently live in Ellensburg, WA. I go to CWU and I am in my last year in the Construction Management program. I grew up on the water in Edmonds, WA and I grew up playing sports and being outdoors. I have worked in Kenai, AK on the Kenai River and got to experience Alaska and some of the best fishing. My father was not a hunter, but he always taught me how to get through adversity and how to be disciplined. Growing up, my dad taught me how to fish for lake trout, salmon, crab, and clams. Along with fishing, my dad taught me how to camp and backpack. As soon as I was old enough, my dad put a backpack on my back and he would take me backpacking with him and his friends up to backcountry lakes and we would set up camp for a few days and fish for lake trout. My favorite place in the world to camp and fish at is Blue Lake in Okanogan Co. in the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area. I was always interested in hunting because I loved seeing deer, elk, and birds whenever we would go on our camping or hiking trips. However, my dad was not a hunter and although he was an avid hiker and fisherman, he was never really supportive of being around guns. Throughout my childhood, I never really had anyone to influence me and teach me how to hunt. As soon as I had the opportunity right in front of me, I made something of it. I earned some money and bought my first shotgun and went duck hunting that following fall. I researched, got out into the woods as much as possible, and watched YouTube to educate myself. Then, last spring I scouted my hunting areas, worked a bunch of extra hours, on top of school, and bought myself my first bow. This past fall, I hunted elk and deer for the first time and I got out into the woods as much as possible. Although I wasn’t successful in a cow/spike only unit, I saw so many elk, a bear, a couple bucks and even had a 5 point bull bugle right in my face at 25 yards. I tell you what, I did not kill anything, but just being able to experience the things I did had me excited and hooked for the Fall of 2018. My passion for hunting, fishing and the outdoors is immense and it continues to grow as I keep learning. 

Steve Huskov

My name is Steve Huskov, I live in Spokane, WA.  I currently attend WSU’s nursing program and working on finish my bachelor’s degree in science of nursing.  My passion and dream is to work as a trauma nurse on a flight unit.  I’m 26 years old, after high school I worked in Alaska in the oil fields, being there provided an opportunity to get involved with firefighting and that’s how I discovered my passion of helping people medically.  My passion for the outdoors started at a very young age, I grew up in a family that didn’t fish or hunt much.  As soon as I got old enough to earn my own income (at 13 I started mowing lawns) I quickly learned my passion for the outdoors, in form of fishing and backpacking at the time.  I didn’t get a chance to hunt until age 18 when I could legally buy I rifle.  I remember that year very well it was 2010. I spent every day of that deer season walking around public land I was able to ask around about, with no luck. That winter I did A LOT of research and spent countless hours watching YouTube videos to educate myself on the animal and their patterns. The next year I harvested the biggest Whitetail to date, the rest is history, I was getting hooked more and more.  Sense then I spend majority of my free time in various outdoor activities, most include fly-fishing/hunting/hiking, I’m an adventurist at heart, there isn’t much outdoors related that I would say no to. 

Josh Austin

I am a born and raised Washingtonian, live most of my life in the small rural town of Mineral (Right at the base of Mt. Rainier).  I have had a rifle (or bow) in my hands since the age of 8 and had the privilege of hunting all over our beautiful state for deer, elk, bear, cougar, sheep and just about anything else you can buy a tag for.  I now hunt almost entirely archery unless I am out teaching my 9-year-old son, in which case we bring the rifle and his .22 along.

For the past several years I have found myself spending more and more time in the woods with a camera.  It's amazing to be able to "shoot" all year round and in areas that are closed to actual hunting.  I have hiked into places that I never had a desire to go before and camped in areas that I would never think of hunting because I know I can pack out 1000's of great photos or videos.

All in all, I am a family man who loves to spend every spare minute that I can in the woods; exploring new areas, scouting for animals, photography the landscape, and teaching my children how to do the same


My name is Chris Mann. I am currently living in Pullman attending WSU and finishing a couple degrees.  I have lived in Washington for most of my life except for the 8 years I spent traveling the world with the Marines.  In my free time I hunt and fish like a madman.  I love elk hunting with every fiber in my being.  I currently hunt elk in 2 states and deer in 3.  I’ve never been a “trophy hunter” but more the kind of guy who is happy with the animal I harvest.  I also work with a non-profit called The Fallen Outdoors.  We take veterans and active duty military members on hunting and fishing trips.  This keeps me active in the community even when I do not have a hunt of my own.


Type of expertise in the outdoor industry you would see yourself in:

Videography, photography, promotional, would love to get involved with more things if possible. Any type of outdoors adventure, fishing and hunting.  In the past year I started filming some of my adventures and look forward to filming all of my hunts this coming year and perfecting my editing and camera work.

Personal interests: hunting, archery, distance shooting, fishing, any excuse to get out into the mountains.  

Chris Mann

Natalie Aldrich

  My name is Natalie Aldrich! I live in Fort Jones, CA. I am a truck driver in Construction! My passion is construction which I plan on taking over our family construction company in a year or two. I am 21 years old and have been running eqiupment and driving since I can remember! I got my Class A when I turned 18! I have always loved the outdoors, growing up with 14 horses always going into the Marble Mountains. I have been hunting since I can walk! Following my dad through the woods and eventually caring my little BB gun and now my rifles! I have been going to Colorado since I turned 12 with my dad hunting Elk and Deer! I spend the majority of my time always outside finding something to do! I either snowmoble, ride my side by side, ride horses, go fishing, or hunting! I love the outdoors. 

Luis Vargas 

My name is Luis Vargas, raised in Brewster WA, spent 10 great years in the ARMY stationed primarily in Ft. HOOD TX with the occasional jaunt to the DESERT and now live in Pateros WA with my beautiful wife of 18yrs. I’m a family man who is an absolute fanatic about the outdoors! Luckily my kids, wife brothers and friends are all as jacked up about the outdoors as I am. My true passion is introducing new people to the great sport of hunting or the outdoors in general. I was Raised and live my life by 3 simple words “work for it”.

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