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Archery Hunters: This One's For You

He's called "Big Deal" One could say the Mule Deer he's scored have taken his name,...... WA State Mule Deer Hunting With Tanglewood Guides

This is the second year , I took a Archery book Mule deer buck with Tanglewood Guides. The deer I harvested last year had a net score of 180 and 5/8 . This years deer antlers is still in the " drying" process , but green scored it was 168. So there is the end results....let me bacj up and tell you about the outfit. Tanglewood guides are really some of the best I have been with.They have access to major mule deer migration routes. The accommodations, are clean, private rooms, in a upscale cabin, very close to the hunting area.Food is great, and the guides are professional.Oren will do whatever is in his power to make sure you have a successful hunt. I travel for hunting all over the United States. I like variety " mixing it up"... and I usually dont come back to the same place year after year... Needless to say I am booked for 2017, God willing...maybe another record book deer.

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