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Beautiful 4x5

Well my hunt started in July 2016 when I drew a coveted deer tag in Idaho. But I had to put this hunt on hold due getting accidently shot on a moose on September 3rd. i had a long road to get back in shape to go hunting but this was my drive to hit the gym 4 to 5 days a week. I also had to relearn how to shoot my rifle due to my limitation of moving around. So I know that I need to lean on my long range shooting and my PRS match training.

My mule deer hunt started on October 15th, my dad and I started my hunt at Dempsey Meadows. We made it to a place where we thought that it would be a great area for a monster to hold up in. As the sun rose over the horizon we were very surprised that there were a lot of hunters in there. We sats there for about 4 hours and only saw 9 does and one 2 point buck. So we decided to move to other area and we were disappointed to see hunters everywhere we went. So we just got on a high point and glassed until dark.

So we changed areas on day 2 of the hunt, we went to King Hill Creek. This was a great decision to move to a new area. When the sun raised on the 2nd day we were surrounded by deer. We glassed up 5 nice bucks one 4 x 5, 3 4x4, and a 3x4. I made the decision to pass on theses bucks in hopes of finding a monster. Plus we were seeing a ton of deer running around. That night was amazing we had 3 bull elk bugling back and forth at each other. I also passed on some more really nice bucks that night. This was the last night that I had company until the next weekend.

Throughout the week I keep moving and checking new areas. I saw tons of deer and was noticing that more deer were moving as the week went on. I was having a hard time letting these nice bucks go. I just keep telling myself that there is a monster in the next spot that I look into. Sunday I got a surprise when my dad and younger brother showed up to help me out spot deer. We went to Lazy Grove where I had been seeing most of my bigger bucks. We got a ridge and set up to glass. We had not been there 10 minutes and my dad spots deer on the sky line about 2 miles away. I swung my spotting scope that way and picked up the deer. Just as I get on them I said that is the one I want to shoot. He was around 30’’ wide heavy and a ton of cheaters. My brother did not believe me until he looked here my spotter. He said if I don’t shoot that one that he was going to take my gun away and shoot him with my gun. This was a no brainer that we were going to make a move on him. We put together a plan of attack and execute our plan. This put me across the canyon from the buck. I thought it would put me in range out the buck but as it turned out I was 906 yds away. The canyon turned out that it was to steep for me to cross because of my leg. This was a hard pill to swallow for me because I would have cross that canyon before my accident. I pack up and called it a day.

I can’t set here and tell about all the encounter that I had over the 2 weeks that I hunted. So I will jump to where I shoot my buck. I decided that I would go to Lazy Grove and sit in a saddle where I had seen a couple of nice bucks go through and a lot of does and fawns. I made it to the saddle with my 4 wheeler and there was already deer in the saddle. I turned the 4 wheeler so I could sit on the footrest and use it as my 4 wheeler blind. I sat there for a couple of hours and saw a ton of does and fawns come through but no bucks. I decided to move up the canyon to get another angle on the canyon. I worked my way around a knob when I came face to face with a group of deer. The first deer I saw was a big 3 point then some does. I keep scanning the herd when up out of the bottom comes this really nice 4x5 buck. The more that I looked at him the more I liked him. I ranged him at 175 yds all my practice and experience kicked in. I quickly chambered a round and got onto my shooting sticks. Settled the crosshairs behind the bucks shoulders took my breath slowly let it out. Bang whack I could see the buck fall like a ton of bricks in my scope. it was like it was in slow motion. I ran the bolt as fast as I could and got back on the buck. As I sat there watching the buck the excitement started to build. It felt like a long time watching him but it was only a few minutes. There was no ground shrinkage on this buck as I walked up on him.

I felt very grateful for this buck. I put a lot of sweat and tears in this hunt. It was me winning and learning what my abilities and limitations are after the accident. I feel blessed to be here to enjoy everyday and to be here in God’s country.

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